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Therma Sheet

We use energy-saving green and sustainable products such as Low-E radiant barrier that help to reflect up to 97% of the radiant heat that gets trapped in the attic forcing A/C units to work harder and suck up more energy. Check out our Elastomeric Green Coatings, as they also save big money on your utility bill!

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House wrap: we can wrap your house with NASA FOIL: a complete wrap - under-slab - on all walls - in the attic - and on the Roof.

Thermal protection and complete moisture barrier: Increased R- Values in systems with air space -& Substantially reduced attic temperatures - Class - A fire rated 

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Elastomeric Roof Coating: Flat roof specialists - a very lightweight roofing system that will install over your existing roof, saving tear-off cost - with special resins and polymers that protect your roof from the sun's rays - again saving you energy costs.  Final product a beautiful white roofing system.  Again green.

We are a verified ASTEC Insulating Coatings Contractor.


ASTEC Industrial Coatings are earth-friendly from manufacturing and restorative application through decades of sustainable, easy-care, low-maintenance, and energy-saving service


Thermal resistance

ASTEC Ceramic Industrial Coatings offer tough, durable, heat and combustion protection. Class A fire-rated over non-combustible surfaces.